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Any fitness enthusiast looking to start a home gym needs to look no further. The ARCHITEC GYM is a set of incredibly versatile suspension straps,specifically made for deep lunges, pull-ups, and overall strength training.


With a lightweight design, they’re perfect for use in and out of the home and are made to support you fully and securely. 


The ARCHITEC GYM is your best bet for a home gym, especially if you’re looking for a complete full body workout without sacrificing lots of space.

Ideal for indoor use. However, its rugged and durable construction also makes the ARCHITEC GYM a handy choice to take hiking and camping. Weighs about three pounds in total for easy portability. It also comes with a carrying bag, along with instructions to help you get started. You’ll find a sports belt, door anchor, Allen wrenches for adjustments and fitness bands of various weights. Use the bands to develop core power and stability, along with better balance. Suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced users.


  • Indoor fixing door anchor
  • Outdoor fixing by loop and carabiner
  • Length adjustable main belt
  • 2 individually adjustable arm belts
  • Sling trainer in mesh bag
  • For arm and leg training
  • Maximum capacity approx. 150kg
  • Handle with integrated foot loop with an inner fleece layer
  • Door anchor with high end carbine hook
  • Strengthened sewing on the part where both arm belts meet
  • Extra loops above the handles to keep length adjustment in place
  • Use for a variety of exercises such as triceps extensions, bicep curls, pec fly & squats



  • Core Endurance
  • Stability - Flexibility
  • 300+ Exercises
  • Easy to use anywhere


Package Includes:

1) Pull rope(can adjust)
2) Door Anchor
3) Suspension Anchor
4) Hexagon wrench
5) Extended belt
6) Sports Ring
7) Storage bag

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