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Start The NEW Year Standing Straight!
Effortlessly Fix Your Posture Now!
"Been wearing one for the last 3 days, first time in 25 yrs my shoulders are where they're supposed to be!  Happy Customer" - Julius Sanders
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Who Needs A Posture Corrector?
How many hours a day do humans typically spend looking down at a phone or working on a computer? The average person spends about 10 hours a day devoted to screen time. While we’re enjoying our screen time, we’re actually hurting our neck and back.
Think about it, while reading this, what does your posture look like? Slouching or slumping can lead to health problems including neck pain, back pain, headaches, and spine alignment issues along with a multitude of other issues.
Good posture is actually more than aesthetic; these pains are all signs and symptoms of bad posture. The Body Architec Posture Corrector helps establish long term muscle memory to prevent health problems related to slouching, it can actually help reverse chronic back pain or other symptoms caused by poor posture.
The Body Architec Posture Corrector can help develop long term muscle memory. Over time, it can help reverse chronic back pain and many other symptoms you may be experiencing due to poor posture.
Why Choose Body Architec?
We are dedicated to producing a high-quality product. Our Posture Corrector is manufactured with soft yet durable materials to ensure that there will be absolutely no itching, tugging, or pinching while wearing it. There are two sizes, Reg/Medium and Large. By pulling the straps, you can adjust the Reg/Medium to fit a chest circumference of 28-40 inches, and the Large is adjustable from 40-50 Inches.
Even after the Posture corrector is removed, the muscle memory technology will continue help to keep your spine in line. Remember, posture is a combination of mind/muscle memory and once by wearing the Posture Corrector, over time,  your muscles will start to remember where they’re supposed to be to stay pain free! 
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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Can I wear it under my shirt?
Answer: Yes! It is barely noticeable underneath your shirt. It's perfect to wear out in public without drawing attention. We also recommend wearing it over a shirt for maximum comfort.
Question: What size is right for me?
Answer: We have two sizes, Reg/Med & Large.  If your chest circumference  measures between 28-40in you will need a size Reg/Medium.  If your chest circumference is larger than that you will need a size Large.
Question: Is this only for men?
Answer: No!  Females can comfortably wear our posture corrector as well.  It is made to suit both female and male physiques comfortably.
Question: How long will it take for me receive my order?
Answer: You should receive your order within 10-15 business days depending on your location.
If You Still Have Any Questions Please Email Us Here: