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Effectively Relieve
"I had an accident sometime ago and had my neck badly affected,that led me to visiting a Chiropractor to get adjusted every now and then.Saw this on Facebook and called my chiropractor's attention to it,he asked me to go for it. After using this several times I noticed tremendous improvement which lessen my visit for adjustment,I HIGHLY recommend if you have neck pain" - Jason Bradley
The Orthopedic Neck Support is uniquely designed to cradle the head and neck in order to alleviate neck pain, and pressure, bulging discs, pinched nerves and sore muscles.The open design is intentionally done,so as to comfortably cradle heads of all shapes and sizes for proper cervical spinal alignment with gentle traction to effectively relieve chronic neck pain and pressure caused by slouched posture.
Why you need this.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Can be used for multiple reasons. It can be used to treat chronic pain, pinched nerves, bulging discs, arthritis etc.
  • INSTANT RELIEVE: The smooth, gentle pressure and constant support give you instant relief and relaxation for the sore muscles in your neck, shoulders and back.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONALITY: You can use while sitting up in bed reading or watching TV, use it while working on the computer at work or even while driving - wherever you need relief from pain.
  • EFFECTIVE SOLUTION: Safe, simple and effective solution to sooth away neck and shoulder aches and pains. Helps alleviates tension, increases relaxation, and promotes healing. a must have for deep relaxation, work breaks, long days at work and exercise recovery