The Solution To Your Slouch


"Good posture is a vital part of wellness"

Uncompromising In Quality

Our posture correctors are made from soft yet durable material.  The straps are made from breathable neoprene to ensure maximum comfort.  

"My job sitting behind a computer has given me constant back pain.  I needed something like this that could help support my neck and back." 

Misty Knight

" gradually increasing the amount of time I wear this every day.  When I take the support off I fell like my muscles are "learning" how to keep my back straight."


"Love my posture corrector.  I got this to help with some posture issues and it has helped me tremendously.  My issues were more with my lower back, but this helped to maintain correct posture in my upper back, which in turn, helped my lower back."

"Was a bit hard to put on at first.  But, once you get it, it actually works.  I tend to slouch when gaming and this helps a lot.  Also, the resistance band is great quality which I normally don't expect from things that come with a free gift."


"It really helps correct my posture while working for long hours on my laptop."